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July 03, 2012


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Great. so mr cuban how is the filming of shark tank going in los angeles going? You sold us a bill of goods mark.

he certainly did. the idiocy of blowing up a championship roster on a prayer of getting either Deron or Dwight this offseason has come home to roost. way to go, Cuban.

any goodwill you had for creating a title in 2011 went right out the window when you immediately flushed that team away that very offseason on this stupid pipe dream plan of yours. thanks.

Well, Cubes writes the checks so I guess he can do whatever he damn well pleases. Maybe the 3 draft picks we (Mavs) got are better than we could have ever imagined them being. Maybe they are Michael Jordans' and Olajuwons' waiting in the wings to blow up on the NBA this coming season. Maybe Cubes and Little Nellie saw unbelievable talent there and decided we don't need no high priced players in D-Will or Kidd or Howard or Terry or whoever!

Maybe Nowitzki is ageless and will power this team to an NBA title all by his lonesome by developing a killer instinct we never saw before. Then again, maybe I am just dreaming when I think that Cubes and Nelson are not asleep at the Mavs wheel.

Then again, maybe the Mavs are going to return to that middle '90s nightmare of losing mentality and non-athleticism. Oh well, ticket prices will continue to go up and the quality of talent and play will continue to go down it seems. Or will it? Somebody please make me believe that Cubes and Nelson are mad scientists and they are on the cusp of some great championship discovery. Please?!!

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