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Writer, Fatter, Slower: accessories to the medal round

After years of grueling practices, hours upon hours of workouts attending to the finest details of perfection that ultimately take them to the Olympics, the athletes can be blind to the subtleties of fashion accessories and the polish of appropriate hair and makeup. Good uniforms or lack of them helps too. Performance yes, but presentation too.
1. Missy Franklin chooses simple, elegant pearl studs that add a sheen of elegance when she dresses for her races in a knee-length black compression suit and a stretchy rubber bowl for a hat. Remember, pearls are always appropriate.
Franklin's pearls
The stylish Missy Franklin
2. Beach volleyball is very very popular, but after the 55 degree evening on the first night of matches, spectators had to wonder if the attraction is for the sport or the skin show. The Australian women's team dressed like it was laundry night at the dorm in leggings and t-shirts overlaid with bra tops.  It was a rather disturbing fashion choice. The Olympic photographers must have thought so too, as there were only four photographs of the Australian team when usually there are hundreds of photographs from each match. 
Beach bad2
 Bad day at beach volleyball
Beach good 4
Good day at beach volleyball
3. Women gymnasts are still nailing their hair to their heads with stupid silver hair clips. If you need more than two to control your hair you need a different hair cut and that is being generous--on the world stage you shouldn't have clips in your hair. One Brazilian gymnast was seen with more than 10 clips stuck to her head. She tried to deflect notice from her hair hardware by  using thickly applied eye shadow in three brilliant colors  blue, green and yellow. Even opera stars playing to the balcony don' t use that much eye makeup. Plus the hairdo of toddler with the make up of a tart were at odds. Neither worked, together it was a fright. 
Brazil hair and makeup
Really? Are there no good hair stylists in Brazil?   
4. The equestrians have one of the most sublime uniforms, the carefully tailored black jacket, crisp white shirt, fawn colored breeches and tall boots look as good on women as they do the men.  Also, using a horse as an accessory is a proven chick magnet.
Olympic equestrian
Equestrian 2
Double Cute.
5. The Olympic Rings tattoo. Once athletes compete they often get the five Olympic rings tattooed somewhere on their body. Not large, just very subtle. It's a tattoo that is earned, and one of the few tattoos that seem warranted. Is there a parent alive that would object to their child getting this tattoo if they made it to the Olympics? Any posers out there who have a ring tattoo just because you support the games? Uh, no. 
Tattoo rings
You go girl. 
 --Gaile Robinson


Paige Boyer

I was watching gymnastics on TV and noticed one of the girls had used glitter hairspray on her hair - thought you might appreciate that.

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