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Writer, Fatter, Slower: FLOTUS and the forwards, plus the boys of the flowers

First Lady of the United States Michelle Obama has been in London enjoying the Olympics hanging with queens and forwards. Seeing her in action is a good sport in itself.  With Queen Elizabeth she is politely gracious with hands clasped, nodding her head in total agreement to whatever her majesty had to say, as one would.

Flotus and the queen
Yes, of course, your majesty (nod).

Then FLOTUS visited the basektball venue. She gave the coach an Flotus and coach
encouraging pat on the back but for LeBron and Kobe she indulged in a full frontal press. And given the chance so would I. 

Flotus and lebron


 Flotus and kobe
  It's good to be FLOTUS.

Dreadful reveal on the medal stand. The outfits for Team USA are AARP issue. These are geezer jackets.

Geezer jackets
USA's medal stand jackets from Nike's geezer line, Pops on the Podium modeled by silver medalist Nick Thoman and Matthew Grevers silver and gold winners in the men's 100 meter back stroke. They are even worse on the women.

These will get you an early bird special at Denny's but whose going to want to trade for them at the closing ceremonies? Everybody has better looking jackets than these. Everybody.

Not geezer
South Korea's silver medalist Park Tae-hwan, left, France's gold medalist Yannick Agnel, center, and China's silver medalist Sun Yang pose after their victories in the men's 100-meter backstroke swimming final. Sun and Park tied for silver in the event. Their jackets are winners.

Better than geezer
Even Stella McCartney's jackets are better. The were originally panned but after seeing Nike's efforts hers are looking much better. Sorry Stella. We had no idea.

Once on the medal stand the athletes are given their medals and flowers. In Olympics past the flowers were delivered by beautiful young women. In London the bouquets are presented by adorable young men. 

Flower presenters

If you are an athlete looking for pretty girls in the winners circle look to the Tour de France. There stunning models in dresses that match the jersey color present the winning jersey. 

Tour de france winner
 2012 Tour de France winner Bradley Wiggins and the flower girls of France

You can always tell the new medal winners. After getting their hardware and facing the flash of the photographers inevitably someone will shout, "Bite your medal." Make a mental note. DO NOT DO THAT.  Its unseemly.  If someone gave you a piece of jewelry would you, after unwrapping it, bite it to see if it were solid? Of course not. If you win an Olympic medal do not let some random shooter talk you into an unbecoming, ungracious act that will haunt you forever. You don't even have to say No! Just don't do it.

Biting medal
No, no, no. 

--Gaile Robinson


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