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Writer, Fatter, Slower: Fourth and Gold

   Now That's Entertainment: Much was made over swimmer Michael Phelps's fourth place finish in the men's 400 IM and not nearly enough over Ryan Lochte's golden effort. Couldn't Lochte's success be celebrated without boo hooing Phelps's dismal fourth place finish?

Oly lochte
Lochte's lighthearted response to the 400 IM early heat.

Phelp's says he's finished after the London Olympics. Lochte says he's here to finish first. The difference in attitude is telling.  

   This should make the coming days of Phelps/Lochte racing quite exciting. There's also the anticipation of another near wardrobe malfunction like the one at the end of their medly relay from 2008.  
 Wardrobe malfunction
Four years ago in Beijing there were thrills in and out of the water for Phelps and his medley relay team.

Turning on the tears:The sap always flows during the Olympics and it is most manipulative in the commercials. There are a number of touching video moments that have yet to become overused primarily because they are running in Britain. We get bombarded by David Dewhurst and Ted Cruz the Brits get David Beckham, superhumans and moms.  
Regular folks are recruited at a British shopping center to help support Team Great Britain for some advertising photography. Mid shoot David Beckham appears and their response to the god who walks among them is surprisingly moving.
 The official sponsor of the London Paralympics is Channel 4 and this is their 90- second commercial that was produced in house.
Proctor & Gamble's transparent pandering to moms is obvious but still effective
--Gaile Robinson


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