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Writer, Fatter, Slower: Grousing in Great Britain

Ooops, and double oops: Apologies of a sort to British fashion designer Stella McCartney. She was credited with designing the parade outfits that Team GB wore during the opening ceremonies Friday night. This was seen as a good sign as her athletic uniforms had been thoroughly trashed. However this morning she is tweeting denials. Seems a store similar to GAP called Next deserves the honors for the white and blingy kit.
   There were problems though with the white jacket. A slogan of the British Olympic Association was stitched to the back, "Better Never Stops". It ran afoul of the IOC rules that prohibit any political displays on uniforms and they considered the motivational stitchery political. White tape had to be slapped across the backs of GB's 241 athletes and 40 officials before they could enter the stadium. 
   Not all of the British athletes were enthusiastic about Next's designs for the parade outfits. The Telegraph,a London newpaper, reported some team members were grousing that they looked like "a team of Elvis impersonators."
Uniform GB
Elvis Impersonators going for gold? 
No food, no drink: In other stadiums the Hunger Games were underway. On day one of competition in far north Manchester two soccer games were scheduled at Old Trafford the home of Manchester United. More than 70,000 attended the second game that pitted Team GB vs. Senegal but the food and drink ran out before kick off. Seems the fans for the first match of Uruguay vs. United Arab Emirates had completely depleted the snackage stores. More grousing ensued. 
--Gaile Robinson


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