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Writer, Fatter, Slower: Beach dressing and flag wearing

Beach 5Dear Mom and Dad,

Remember when I said I was going to London with some friends? Well, we went to the beach instead. Except it feels like alpine camping. It's cold, really, really cold. Nobody brought enough clothes. I wear everything I packed all at once, every day and I'm still cold. . I'd be happy for a single oven mit to keep one hand warm, but we have nothing 'cept our swimsuits and pajamas. Marlene (Van Lersel, Netherlands, above) spends the whole time whining about it, but she has way more clothes than Jennifer (Kessy, USA volleyball, Beach2below) who runs around all the time in her panties and T-shirt which is no different than what she wears at home. I don't even notice, but the guys do. The only person who really seems comfortable is Beach 3Daniele (Lupo, Italy, at right) who found some old baggy leggings and wore them under his even baggier shorts. They took on a lot of sand. Sorry, this is not a very good photo but I took it lying down. I spend a lot of time lying down to stay out of the wind. I'm fine, don't worry about me. If you do, send some money, pounds preferably, I promise I'll use it to buy a jacket, not beer.

Beach1Love, Julianna, (Silva, Brazil)



Flagging Spirits

When athletes win a medal of any color they drape themselves in their nation's flag. Some do it with great style, others wrap it up like it was a bath towel. The fans in the stadium show great enthusiasm for flag-waving and face painting and a creative few manage to pull of extreme flag fashion. 

Here are a variety of ways to wear a flag. (Remember flag-wearing in the U.S. has been found to be constitutional by the Supreme Court. Not sure how Parliment  weighs in.)

Flag wearing 5
After winning gold in men's gymnastics in the vault, South Korean Yang Hak-seon wears his country's flag as if it is all he is wearing.

Flag wearing 4
Whereas Ciaran James of Britain's water polo team wears his flag like he needs to cover up, but he doesn't and we thank him for that. 

 Flag wearing 3
The flag of the Dominican Republic hides Felix Sanchez after he won his gold in the men's 400-meter hurdles. After a private moment he reappeared to do the jog of jubilation around the track.

Flag wearing 1
The thrill of wining gold in discus compelled Germany's Robert Harting to attempt the hurdles wearing his flag like the cape of a superhero.

Flag wearing 6
After his gold win in the men's 100-meter final Usain Bolt, inspired by being in London, tries to fashion an Ascot-worthy chapeau out of a Jamaican flag.

Flag wearing 7
Ethiopia's Tiki Gelana shows the greatest fashion promise. She can win the marathon and still have enough energy left over to drape two flags into this charming daytime ensemble of wrap skirt and shawl-collard top aware even in her exhaustion to position the red stripe of the flag over her red running shoes. Innate fashion sense.

Flag wearing 8
 Silver medalist from Spain Mireia Belmonte Garcia juggles three objects, a flag, a single rose and a bouquet displaying her range of skills after competing in the women's 800 meter freestyle swim.  

Flag wearing 2
Flags are so multi-purpose they can be sunscreens for three, as illustrated by  Ethiopian's steeplechase runners, from left, Sofia Assefa, EthipHiwot Ayalew and  Etenesh Diro...

Flag wearing 11
...or a rain bonnet for one, as seen at the dressage event.

 Flag wearing 10
The very best flag wearing was in the stands at the Aquatics Center. The blue starred-gloves and headband were a nice touch, but the total body committment of red and white stripped face covering was extreme and therefore because it had to be uncomfortable and limiting -- HIGH FASHION. Bravo to the unsung fashionistas at the swim meet.

---Gaile Robinson 


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