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Writer, Fatter, Slower: Having a bad hair day

Gabby douglas for  hair lead
Gold medal winning is not enough apparently.

People, more specifically women, are speaking in hissy tones about Gabby Douglas, the first African American woman to win the best all around gold medal for gymnastics, and how she didn't do something with her hair. Can you believe that? She's a wonderfully accomplished young woman and they are focused on her hair.

Gabby close upIt's got to be jealousy or women who measure their self worth by their abilities at folicular maintenance. There are many casual ponytails, and hair containment attempts at the Olympics and not a single flyaway do or efforts to control long hair for the heat of competition has caused comment. Most sensible people realize it's the Olympic Games not the Olympic Pageant.

 Here are some serious contenders for the worst hair day ever. Heard anything about these athletes?

Good hair Idalys Ortiz Cuba gold Judo
Hair day Lidia Valentin Perez of spain
Hair day Sharapova
Hair day 4

Thought not. I certainly hope Ms. Douglas didn't hear what you said about her hair and if she did you owe her an apology. 

--Gaile Robinson 


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