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Writer, Fatter, Slower: The Kissing Olympics

It's the XXX Olympiad, that makes it the kissing Olympics.

The athletes know this, they kiss their apparatus, before competition for luck and after in thanks.

Kissing aparatus2
After the vault that had him in medal competition, briefly, U.S. gymnast Samuel Mikulak kisses the apparatus.

 Yibing kissing apparatus
Silver medallist China's Chen Yibing kisses the support  after his performance on the rings and it brought him second degree luck, a silver medal.
 Kisses hurdle
After falling on the first hurdle and injuring himself, China's Liu Xiang left the field. He reconsidered, came back and kissed the last hurdle. It was a touching metaphor for what could be the end of his athletic career. 
Kissing ball
Kissing the volleyball on the court or on the beach was quite popular, here Turkey's Busra Cansu (20) kisses the ball before serving to South Korea during a women's volleyball preliminary match
 Kisses weights
An after kiss by Kazakhstan's Ilya Ilyin once he lifted a world record 233-kg clean-and-jerk during the men's 94-kg, group A.    
Kissing gun
No apparatus is too exteme, if it is warranted it gets a kiss. Here, Slovakia's Danka 
Bartekova  kisses her gun after a shot in the women's skeet final where she won the bronze medal. 
Kissing horse
Really, do well you get a kiss. Helen Langehanenberg of Germany gives her horse Damon Hill a sweet smack after the equestrian dressage event.
Kissing starting block
In thanks for a good send off, Bronze medalist Brent Hayden of Canada kisses the starting block after the mens' 100-meter freestyle race.
Kisses podium
Thanks for the journey, Italy's Massimo Fabrizi kisses the podium as he mounts it to receive a silver medal in men's trap shooting.
 Kissing shirt
Thanks for the thermal qualitites of layering, here, Poland's Grzegorz Fijalek during beach volleyball's quarterfinal against Brazil.
Felix kisses photo
Thanks for the memories. Felix Sanchez of the Dominican Republic kisses a family photograph he had pinned to the inside of his shirt as he ran his gold medal win in the men's 400-meter hurdles. 
Kissing baby
In an election year kissing babies is expected here, gold medalist for the U.S.A. Vincent Hancock kisses his 5-month-old daughter Brenlyn after winning in the men's skeet event.
 Kissing teammate
Even a second place finish in a semifinal is kiss-worthy among team mates, here, Italy's Niccolo Mornati kisses teammate Lorenzo Carboncini
Kisses girlfriend
Andy Murray of Great Britain, celebrated shutting down Roger Federer for the gold medal in singles tennis by kissing his girlfriend, Kim Sears. 
 Kissing husband
Gold medalist for U.S.A., Sanya Richards-Ross finds her husband in the stands after winning gold in the women's 400-meter final.  
Kisses coach's foot
Finally, someone gives the coach his due. France's Teddy Riner kisses the shoe of his coach after winning the gold medal in the men's 100kg judo competition. 
Kissing the ground
Even the ground gets a smooch, here, Italy's Valentina Vezzali gives the fencing mat a hearty peck after winning gold in the women's team foil fencing.
 Kissing medal
The medals get the most kisses and it doesn't seem to matter their metal. Here, 
Chinese gymnast Chen Yibing kisses gold  after his team won the Artistic Gymnastic men's team final. 
---Gaile Robinson


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